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At  this moment I’m in Poland
e-mail:  michaelphoto273@hotmail.com
e-mail:  michaelphoto273@gmail.com
skype : michaelwmk273
Phone : +442081443094
Phone :+48732634823

I was born in Szczecin , north est  of Poland in 1966. During my studies in Technical  School  in Szczecin I discovered my first passion – carpentery  job .  After a few years the next  passion – photography, followed the first one –  sailing.  Up until now I have spent most of my free time with my photo camera  traveling around my city . I specialize in Animal  photography  .

I started with digital camera Pentax K20 D .   I continue with digital cameras and using new techniques giving more possibilities in landscape photography (HDR, panoramas stitching etc) I exhibit my photographs in Poland and write articles about  photography.

– Age more than 47, I am looking for something new eternally, I love myself to have friends and people around which I can trust, with I not-like the lie and the falsehood, I am trying from the professional page to be rival and honest. I am nice, courteous, taciturn, shut in oneself often, cheerful  in the private life, I love the play on highest level, I not-like  boredom, I most often spend the free time with a camera or on  yachts if it is possible.  I am a photographer by avocation.I am interested in photography for 8 years but only a short time I have decent  equipment.   My occupation is a carpenter, boatbuilder. I also trying to interior design.   Design of different things came to me from my family, my dad is an architect engineer. I do this recently, but with good results.   As I have  already informed the strong technical support – Cad Decor, and Pentax K5 II. Photography is support for design and inspiration. This works both ways and gives results.

Living in Poland, but still come back to England for more than 6 years seeking a challenging opportunity to continue with my experience and knowledge. With successful practice in the hotel industry gave me a multi-tasking opportunity to continue with work as a carpenter and to improve my skills on many other fields. Calm nature, good relationships, experience and ability to produce a very good result. I believe that my  professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the references will help in co-operation.

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